Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Buy a house in Malaysia

Rediff News reports:
Now's the time to buy that house in Malaysia that you've always wanted. The Malaysian Tourism Board's investment promotion scheme launched in 2004, 'Malaysia-my second home' is attracting lots of Indian investors to the country. Till date, 490 Indians have spent Rs 200 crore to purchase homes and resorts in the country.
Under the programme, the properties on offer in Malaysia vary from apartments and condominiums, terrace houses, bungalows in tourism zones such as beaches, near jungles and theme parks, recreational places and city centres.

The criteria to stay is a social visit pass with a multiple entry visa initially valid for a period of ten years and then renewable.

"Malaysia's stable economy, low cost of living, warm and balmy weather and political stability works in its favour. Also, Malaysia is an education destination with international schools and universities," said Manoharan, director, Malaysia Tourism.

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