Friday, September 08, 2006

Wooden crates are the way to go

When I moved back from the US after college, I used a TR or a Transfer of Residence to ship my belongings back home. I fixed up with a firm in New York City to transport my goods by sea, which would take 3 months. All I had to do was to ship my belongings to them via courier and they would build, yes build a wooden crate that would most economically take my boxes and send it by sea.

I saw this wooded crate for the first time, three and a half months later at a customs warehouse in Patparganj in Delhi and it was huge and built really solidly. After a bit of haggling with the customs officials, during which some of my stuff got swiped, the crate was sealed again and put on a truck to be transported by road to Chandigarh. provides wood shipping crates that are better than plastic for several reasons such as wood being a renewable source while plastic is not, and wood transport crates being a safer method to transport goods when the correct packing and crating is used. These crates also work out cheaper and worldwide international trade is dependant on these wooden crates for packing and crating. Wooden is also the only community of the crating industry in the world which has a forum listing of companies across the world that specialize in doing such work and even have a section where you can post and view jobs and have your queries answered.

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