Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tea tales

I started enjoying drinking tea only 3-4 years back, when we moved to Providence, RI in the middle of winter and there was only so much coffee I could drink in a day. Drinking tea was a welcome change, one that I had unknowingly resisted, thinking it to be a grown up drink. Well, I thought at the time, I was a grown up and about time I started drinking tea.

I started with the humble or rather lowly yellow label and slowly upgraded to red and green label teas. Nowdays, I enjoy my green label tea with just a couple of tablespoons of milk in it in the morning while reading the newspaper. I also really enjoy drinking green tea straight, without milk or sugar as an after dinner drink. Its especially good after a heavy meal and is a super way to wind up the day.

Although, the benefits of drinking a green tea such as decaf green tea with ginseng are well known, most people still don't drink it as its not easily available in regular grocery stores. I found a really good site that sells a variety of teas and other Chinese Herbs and Alternative Remedies, but also has a description of each item along with its ingredients, benefits and history.

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