Monday, September 18, 2006

Sunglasses for all

I've always been a sunglasses person. I have to have a pair with me at all times as my eyes are quite sensitive to bright light and dust (especially since I wear contact lenses). I usually have 2-3 pairs of sunglasses at a time....currently I have; one basic junky pair bought ages ago, one trendy pair with extra large lenses bought on our recent trip to the US and one with classy pair with a great anti-glare and UVA, UVB protection for driving and outdoor stuff from Polaroid. (It was their great display that made me take notice of the sunglasses and got me hooked.)

Most people don't really bother to have a good pair of sunglasses, buying one with UVA and UVB protection is really essential as is the anti-glare coating which I really love. For outdoor activities like hiking, or playing golf, it's essential to have something like a Bolle sunglasses which has an EagleVision 2 Lens that increases contrast in the color spectrum to highlight the color green and of course reduce glare.

OpticsPlanet has a huge range of regular and prescription sunglasses, including the Wiley X range of military sunglasses that incidentally are the best selling range of sunglasses for the military, aviator sunglasses, Serengeti sunglasses, Orange County chopper sunglasses and sports sunglasses like the Bolle brand.

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