Friday, September 22, 2006

Safeguarding your information

Since I work from home and have all my work stored on my home laptop; document security and backup are my own responsibility. I've been using a 1GB USB flash drive for 8 months now and it really has come in handy, like when my computer crashed and I lost everything, yes everything on it, except what was saved on my thumb drive. Whew...that really was a lifesaver.

Since my job doesn't always require me to be in one place, the freedom of having access to my files thanks to the flash drive is really means a great deal. In June when we were away for a month traveling in the US, all I had to do was take my USB thumb drive with me and I could do my work from any computer.

It's easy to order your own custom thumb drive in a choice of 5 zingy colors, constructed of aluminum and free laser engraving. What's really great about these thumb drives, is that you can store all types of files on it, word documents, digital photo's, music files etc. The best part, you can set a security password to safeguard the information stored.

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