Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Numbered art

I've always loved art even though I myself am quite pathetic at drawing. I do love to do crafty stuff though, especially with natural products like leaves, twigs etc. Fall in the Providence and Bristol, RI really cranked up the creative work. Until I started working at an art gallery, Art Folio in Chandigarh, I never really had pinpointed what kind of art work I liked. I generally liked whatever I saw, which was mostly impressionist landscapes and portraits, ie..the basic stuff.

After working at the gallery I realised I loved art work with a twist...it could be a landscape but there had to be something that made it different than just a 'nice' painting. Something edgy, something modern, just something...

So, when I saw Anthony White's number paintings, I was absolutely amazed....at the simplicity, the directness and of course at the cheekyness. Anthony started the money series in April 2004 for the Yeppoon Rotary Art Competition as a last ditch effort to make money selling his paintings. Well, both paintings that he entered sold overnight and left several people asking for more. I think Anthony's work is really innovative and a great talking point. Would love to own one myself.

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