Thursday, September 21, 2006

H&M LA store opening causes frenzy

LA Times reports on the H&M's store opening in LA suburb Pasadena that created frenzy amongst the shoppers looking for a good deal. The Swedish company whose initials stand for Hennes & Mauritz first came to the US six years ago and has caused mob like situations with each store opening; NYC had lines going around the block, SFO had people queing up at 6am and its just goes on and on. H&M plans to open more stores in the country, 2 more in the LA area itself.

H&M is Europe's largest apparel seller and has more than 1,200 stores in 23 countries, with annual sales of $76 billion. The comapny has catapulted to the top with its version of 'fast fashion', turning out trendy clothes at affordable prices in record time. Several other companies that are also winning at this formula are Forever 21, Target and Spanish retailer Zara.

I have shopped at H&M in Boston, Forever 21 in Providence and Target is several location in the US and found the clothes at H&M the best in quality, design, price and fit. Their stores are well laid out, with good signage and neat and well sized dressing rooms. Forever 21 is for the younger crowd and tends to save money by designing clothes in cheaper materials like nylon and polyester, stuff I don't care much for.

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