Thursday, September 21, 2006

Go K-State

Well, what do you know?

Kansas State University was a pretty good choice after all. By going to a large state university, I probably have a greater chance of becoming a CEO than if I had gone to an Ivy League school.

An article in the Wall Street Journal writes about how only 10% of CEOs in the US are from Ivy League schools, with the bulk coming from large state universities including schools such as University of Texas-Austin, University of Nebraska-Loncoln, University of Kansas in Lawrence (our traditional arch rivals) and Georgia State University.
The college diplomas of the nation's top executives tell an intriguing story: Getting to the corner office has more to do with leadership talent and a drive for success than it does with having an undergraduate degree from a prestigious university. Most CEOs of the biggest corporations didn't attend Ivy League or other highly selective colleges. They went to state universities, big and small, or to less-known private colleges.

Read the full article here.

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