Tuesday, September 05, 2006

DVD club

DVD clubs are being quite the rage these days. William Shatner has his own DVD Club with a wide variety of independent and underground science fiction, horror and fantasy movies on offer. Club members receive 14 DVD's free, along with your annual membership fee. Some of the free movies members’ receive at the time of joining are Immortel, it2i2, VIRUS and Close Your Eyes.

Immortel is a fantasy tale set in epic proportions, based on the comic book by Enki Bilal. Set in 2095 in New York City, where the ancient Egyptian gods return to Earth as judges of Horus, the falcon headed god. The movie has some stunning and innovative visuals.

it2i2 is an independent film that is based on the premise that as connections between computers connected on the Internet reach as many connections between neurons in a human brain, it could lead to something big. The full form of the movie is "It things, therefore it is", uses this concept to follow a mock BBC documentary searching to discover the truth.

VIRUS is the dangerous story of a virus that starts to destroy humans when it gets loose. A group of 800 isolated people on Antarctica are safe until a Russian submarine seeks shelter with them. This Japanese movie was one of the most expensive movies to be produced in the early 1980s and is said to be one of the best disaster movies ever made.

Close Your Eyes is the story of a hypnotherapist Michael Strother, who is solving a crime against a young woman who has become mute as a result of trauma. Close Your Eyes is a tight, thriller that interweaves supernatural and mystery elements in it.

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