Sunday, September 24, 2006

Delhiites are the country’s biggest spenders

Financial Express reports:

A report on household consumer expenditure brought out by the Delhi Government’s Directorate of Economics and Statistics shows that Delhi consumers have the highest per capita income and are the biggest spenders in the country.

The average monthly per capita expenditure in urban Delhi increased from Rs. 1,563 in 2003 to Rs. 1,606 in 2004. For comparative terms, the national average is Rs. 1,060. Delhi has 3,275,000 families, with an average size of 4.62 persons. 3,072,000 families live in urban areas and only 203,000 in rural areas.
Tamil Nadu comes a distant second at Rs 1,131, followed by Andhra Pradesh at Rs 1,102. Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana are not very far behind, at Rs 1,092, Rs 1,059 and Rs 1,050 respectively. At the bottom of the list is Uttar Pradesh at Rs 827, Madhya Pradesh at Rs 793 and Bihar at Rs 784.
Education, food, transportation and rent were the main expenditures for Delhi consumers, with Rs. 2,484 on food, Rs. 823 on conveyance and Rs. 576 on education. Other expenditures were Rs. 565 on fuel and lighting, Rs. 327 on clothing, Rs. 228 on toiletries, Rs. 169 on entertainment and Rs. 756 on consumer services.

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