Saturday, September 16, 2006

Delhi plans its first city-wide shopping festival

Business Standard reports:

Delhi will have its very first city wide shopping festival this Diwali. Being organized by Thyme, the Delhi Diwali Shopping Festival (DDSF) will cover 20 shopping centers and 10 malls in the NCR area from September 21 to October 21 this year. Besides shopping highlights, there will also be events such as performances by Jagjit Singh and Indian Ocean, fashion shows, a jewelry festival, food exhibition etc.


Anonymous said...

I went to the Gazal program organised by the Delhi Diwali Shopping festival at the Siri Fort auditorium yesterday. The event was a very poorly organised. The staff seating the viewers were inept and one of the festival organisers was rudely shooing off people from seats where they had been specifically seated on the basis of their ticket numbers by the staff earlier. The MC did not know how to pronounce English.

The proceedings started at 8:10 pm, instead of the 7 pm mentioned on the ticket. To top it all, Jagjit Singh sang as if he was there to earn his 'roti' and little else. He appeared washed out and monotonous, a shadow of his talented self. We said goodnight to our neigbhour who was busy talking on his mobile phone and walked out half-way. The Durga Puja pandals were far more interesting.

Shalini said...

What an absolute waste. That's just too bad. I really thought it would be different this time, with so much focus on making Delhi a global shopping destination. It seems there are only a few places like Habitat and Kamani that can manage to put on a good show.