Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Credit basics

As all Americans or anyone who has lived in the US knows, having a good credit record is everything. It is something that affects all aspects of your life and once spoiled, your credit record stays with you forever and ever. As a senior in college, we were given innumerable credit card applications, all pre-approved of course, and most of us signed on for more cards than we needed or could handle.

Learning how to have a good credit record is becoming more important with each passing day. The use of credit cards has become so varied, the processes more complicated and the threat associated with fraud and misuse much greater. A really good source of information is the Credit Learning Center, where you can find information on the basics of credit, how to check your credit score, how to improve your score, how to safeguard your future and identity and much more. I especially liked the steps shown that can help you protect your identity, such as protecting your drivers liscence and social security number, avoiding giving information on the telephone and destroying your personal information properly.

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