Thursday, August 31, 2006

Using Buyertools Reminder

If you love to shop and sell products online and bid for multiple auctions on eBay, then this is something that you absolutely must have. It’s the Buyertools Reminder with an automatic eBay bidder that lets you automatically bid on items at a predetermined time, even up to the last minute before the auction ends. The software also has a system of preventing double bidding or bidding on similar items when using the automatic bidding system.

Another very helpful service is the auction reminders that will automatically deliver alerts to your cell phone via text messages. Other plus points of using the Buyertools Reminder are the eBay search functions with which you can import items from your eBay account; display of a synchronized eBay time and administrating multiple accounts. Buyertools Reminder software is spyware free and has no pop ups or adware. And yes, of course the software is free.

The Buyertools Reminder really comes in use for those who like 'sniping' or waiting till the very last moment to bid for items as with this application you can keep track of the bids and control the auction. Adding items to the Buyertools Reminder is quick and easy so give it a try.

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