Monday, August 28, 2006

A safer home

On our recent trip to the US, we noticed that pretty much everyone there has an alarm system. Whether its just the basic one tracking doors or a more complicated set up, its become a regular home accessory.

Home Security Systems were a high priority on my mind before we left on vacation. While we were gone for a month, I was a bit worried about our apartment here. Would it be safe enough even though we live in a flat with 2 neighbours (but no common walls) and have grills on all our windows? I was really keen to install motion sensor lights for outside my door, so if the hallway light went out (or was deliberately taken out), our light would still come on.

Anyway, I never did have time to look for such a product (and what happens if the electricity flickers, do all your setting go kaput?) and we came back to an apt that was just as we left it.

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