Sunday, August 27, 2006

Movie time

Sunday's here.....and we've finally signed up with a DVD rental place in Lokhandwala.....about time, its been a year and a half since we've been here and we've ended up buying way too many movies that we see only once....what a waste...maybe I should sell them to the rental's to catching up with all those movies we missed in the past year......

The economics are:
100 DVD's for Rs 7,000
50 DVD's for Rs 4,000
Free home delivery and pickup

This place has the highest charges compared to other movie rental places in the area, but we found that since there is always parking available in front of the store, its close to some of our usual haunts (Hang Out Chocolates, Hallmark cards and the flower seller outside, HDFC Bank and one of my favorite stores in the entire market, Fruits and Vegetables) it was worth it. Another major plus point, is the way they have arranged the DVD's, so that all the covers can be seen on movable racks.

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