Sunday, July 30, 2006

Brand overkill at Inorbit

I was quite disappointed at the way Inorbit Mall in Malad is looking these days. The bombardment of stalls, posters, stages, candy stands etc is overtaking the public space. One of the best things about Inorbit was its sense of space and the clean look in its public areas. Now, there is barely any space to walk as there one promotional stand after another, giving the mall an awful cluttered feel.

The central hall of the mall had a stage set up for a promotion of a perfume by Aigner, a flower stall on the ground floor, the 2 story long posters of a show on Star One, a Himalayan water stall on the 2nd floor, DNA newspaper stands by the food court, Kodak cameras stall opposite Shoppers Stop entrance, a personalized wood name plate stall by the mall entrance, candy dispensers in several locations....the list could go on and on.

We had mocha's at the Barista on the 2nd floor and even there, there was a profusion of brands, ruining the look of the cafe. Besides their promotional material on Illy coffee (which Barista had tied up with some time back), there are huge and unwieldy ABN Amro-Barista card promotions on each table and also as tray liners.

I find it terribly irritating and disrupting to be bombarded by brands and advertisements continually. I personally feel it ruins the entire look of the mall/store and creates a totally different atmosphere, taking away from the ambiance that was envisioned and created initially.

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