Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bombay blues

Back to Bombay...back to reality...the city seems to have gone from bad to worse in the month that we were away. Floods, bomb blasts, riots all have become part and parcel of the city. After the flood of 26/7/05, I wrote in a post titled Rained Out Mumbai that we need to stop going on and on about the spirit and resiliance of the city, because until we stop and realise how bad the situation is, nothing will change for the better. Thankfully, others in the city are coming to the same conclusion after the events in the past month.

Shobha De in Times of India: A city in sorrow
Pritish Nandy in Times of India: Time for anger, not sorrow
Surfers Corner in The Hindustan Times: Lauding Mumbai's spirit not enough
DNA Mumbai: Govt using Mumbai spirit to shy away from responsibilities
Sucheta Dalal in The Indian Express: Serve Mumbai’s spirit by tackling the rot

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