Thursday, April 20, 2006

Reliance Retail: changing the rules of the HR game

In looking for qualified talent, Reliance’s HR department has apparently set up camp in Dubai and is hiring large numbers of sales, marketing, purchase and merchandising staff of large international retailers such as Carrefour, Lifestyle and Lulu. The company is hoping that these people will be able to set the initial systems in place.

The latest to join the company’s retail venture is K Radhakrishnan who will join as CEO for the hypermarket vertical. He was VP Merchandising for Spencer’s Retail, which is part of the RPG Group. He was also one of the key players who organized FoodWorld’s operations.

More information in this article in The Hindu Business Line


Dayan said...

Reliance Retail is definitely a threat for enterpreneurship. Even though it generates 600,00 jobs this is not what companies like Reliance should be doing. Read this blog to understand better

Shalini said...

Just commenting on the developments, not judging. Your link is not valid, btw.