Saturday, April 22, 2006

Readings on coffee

Interesting article in Economic Times on how Café Coffee Day outlets in cities of pilgrimage have shown 30-50% higher sales. Usually, there is no option of getting anything decent to eat in a clean, sanitized atmosphere in these locations and Café Coffee is bridging that gap very well. The sales of take-away items such as cookies have also been higher and they are introducing fruit juices and other items that are energizing.

It’s a very good example of a company understanding how its customers think, want and even what they might want. Café Coffee Day has been innovative and is constantly experimenting with new formats and creative ways to increase its customer base.

At the other spectrum of its customers, it opened its first lounge café in Kochi, to bring a global feel and a leisurely coffee drinking experience. Anyone tried it out yet?

On yet another level, Café Coffee Day opened an outlet in Vienna late last year. It just goes to show that they not only ready to focus on its established customer, urban educated youth, but is taking risks and relentlessly heading into new territories.

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