Thursday, April 13, 2006

Coffee dreams

This Sunday’s Mumbai Mirror has an article on how the Versova and Lokhandwala areas of Andheri (W) have become magnets for wannabe stars and starlets. We happen to live right next to what is described as “The Golden Triangle” of Fanoos, Barista and CafĂ© Coffee Day and Shreejee’s is even visible from our windows.

Frankly, we’re not too thrilled with the over abundance of wannabe’s in the area. Most of the time we think of them as the annoying people who think they can drive, park, walk, talk with no regard to others. We once made the mistake of going to Barista for coffee after dinner and were amazed at how different the crowd was from morning and mid-afternoon when it occupied mostly by students and working professionals. At night almost every table will have a folder full of photographs and wannabe’s checking their phones every 2 seconds. With its low prices, Coffee Day is ten times worse than Barista especially in the evenings; full to the brim with aspirations and dreams.

On the plus side, as the author points out that a lot of business takes place at these cafe's and it has made it possible for young girls to meet coordinators and agents at a safe public place. Both Barista and Coffee Day are planning on opening more outlets in the area, (Coffee Day recently opened one at Inifinity Mall down the road too) and I'm sure they will always be full too.

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