Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mind your manners

Several advertisements lately are pushing social responsibility more than sales. Is it financially feasible for these companies to ask users to reduce usage of their products or just a slight aberration in their advertising game plan? Are companies using these prominently displayed advertisements on billboards merely as a way to increase their brand or do they want results that are directly proportionate to their spending?

In the modern world, advertising has become a mode of communication rather than just a sales medium. The most effective way to communicate with consumers, present and potential, is to connect with them while not necessarily pushing their products. This connection with the consumers is the essence of successful advertising.

These new advertisements for Hutch and DNA are prominently displayed on billboards across Bombay. Hutch is telling us to behave responsibly and politely and to not to take pictures without first taking permission and also to switch off our phones in movie theatres. They have a series of ads like: Hum Aapke Hain Tring Tring and Ali Baba and Tring Tring. The ads are innovative and sure to make an impact. DNA (i.e., the newspaper Daily News and Analysis) states: “There’s no difference between our rich and poor. They both spit generously on the roads.” Superb. Simply Suberb.


temporal said...

liked the DC version better:)

Shalini said...

Me too. Switched. Thanks t.