Monday, February 06, 2006

Kala Ghoda Festival

Just back from town, where we had gone to check out the Kala Ghoda festival. We attended a session of Sufi & Urdu Poetry reading by Anju Makhija, Ashok Banthiya and Tom Alter at the David Sasoon Garden. Tom Alter was superb in his recitation and translation of urdu poetry for all those present who didn't understand much of urdu (me included). His enthusiasm and knowledge of the background of urdu poetry and historical references was pretty amazing. Something interesting he said while waiting for the lights to be dimmed for his last reading: "Roshni ke liye andhere ki zaroorat hai", can be construed so many different ways. Quite impressive.

The downside of our trip to town was the amount of time it took us to get back home....2hrs and 25 min, most of which was spent inching along from Mahim till Santa Cruz. Two and a half hours: half-way to Chandigarh from Delhi or from Providence, RI to New Rochelle, NY, close to New York City on I-95 south. Quite a tame way to end an otherwise super day or rather back to reality, I guess.

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Hiren Shah said...

This Roshni dialogue is very insightful. Reminds you of the saying sweet are the fruits of adversity and things "Swarg bhugatne ke liye marna zaroori hai "and things like that.