Monday, February 13, 2006

Goan Memories

Reminiscing about our sunset walks on the beach in Goa. I find that's what we looked forward to each day there, to watch the sun slowly sink into the ocean and light up the sky in a beautiful orange glow. To wade into the water, bit by bit, backwards and forwards and feel the sand sink from beneath our feet, to see baby crabs scampering away, almost translucent against the sand. To hear the sound of the waves, racing towards the shore and lapping at your ankles, beguiling you to wade out just a bit further. To feel the wind in your face, blowing away all your troubles, for the time you are there atleast.

Here's a few pics from our vacation:

Racing to catch the sunset at Benaulim Beach.

A perfect Goan sunset.

It could be a postcard, but its just us.

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