Thursday, January 12, 2006

Our endless doorbell

Anyone who visits our house always remarks and the number of times the doorbell rings, so I decided to keep track of them for a couple of days.

Here is when and why it rang yesterday.

  • 6:55am------subhadra, cooking maid
  • 7:30am------nitin, milkman
  • 8:30am------anjali, cleaning maid
  • 9:05am------deepak, driver
  • 11:10am-----trash ladies
  • 11:30am-----vegetable sellers
  • 11:45am-----courier, for landlady
  • 1:50pm------delivery
  • 4:20pm------delivery
  • 9:15pm------eggs and bread wallah
  • 10:20pm-----dhobi

And here’s the list for today.

  • 7:10am--------subhadra, cooking maid
  • 8:20am--------anjali, cleaning maid
  • 8:30am--------nitin, milkman
  • 8:40am--------nitin (a different one), car washer
  • 9:30am--------deepak, driver
  • 10:30am-------trash ladies
  • 3:40pm--------courier
  • 5:30pm--------courier
  • 9:20pm--------eggs and bread wallah

Well, it really is endless some days, this incessant ringing of the doorbell and to add salt to our wounded ears, the doorbell is not your ordinary variety. As a tribute to Bollywood, it plays a different film tune each time, sometimes getting lost in the music from the radio. There is a bias towards Madhuri Dixit with mostly her songs like ek, do, teen and didi tere dewar deewana et all but thankfully there are no words, only instruments. Now that we’ve been here for almost a year, we’ve realized that this is quite a popular type of doorbell in
Bombay and it’s become part of our experience of living in the city and we’ve got quite used to it, although we still turn it off from a hidden switch inside on Sunday’s for some peace and quiet.


mindspace said...

LOL @ u actually sat down to make the log of it.., never realized it but it actually was a disturbance throughout.. when u switch it off, ppl still dont shy away from banging the door, particularly when its the old style kundi-lock kind of door.

Shalini said...

Haha, you really dug deep into by blog Tara!

This doorbell used to drive me crazy at first and at others it would merge into the music already playing in the house and we wouldn't hear it at all.

Exactly, people would keep banging on the door when we turned it off, so it wasn't much good....especially since most of the people coming were expected.

Besides this doorbell, we also used to have the intercom ringing from the guard at the gate to ask if he should allow them in, so between the madhuri doorbell and the incessant intercom, it's a wonder that we managed to get out of there with our sanity!