Sunday, January 29, 2006

Chaos at Big Bazaar

The recent "Sabse sasta din" sale held by Big Bazaar on Republic Day created absolute chaos, record sales, traffic jams and lathi charges. The Lower Parel outlet in Bombay that usually gets 3,500 walk-in's got 30,000 people that day, and had to eventually close the shutters at 1pm and call the police for crowd control. Unofficial sales figures of that single day's sale are estimated to be Rs 30 crore for stores nation-wide. Not bad for a days work, I guess.

Along with the good, the bad of the Indian retail sector was highlighted that day. Customers are willing to spend and stock up on goods for upto a year in advance (where they will store them in tiny Bombay apts, beats me though), but retailers are not prepared with properly trained staff, required levels of inventory and especially, customer relation skills.

Here are the articles from the Mid-Day and The Hindu.

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