Sunday, January 01, 2006


We did a lot of driving this past week to attend wedding and reception functions in Colaba. Both were on the same day and I decided to come home in-between, so ended up spending almost 6 hours in the car that day driving between Navy Nagar and Lokhandwala. Pretty crazy for an in-town wedding, but that's Bombay I guess.

Driving through Mahim I saw just how efficient Indians can be when they want to be. There was an impromptu sidewalk sale in the area around the Sitla Devi Mandir when the cops arrived and in the blink of an eye the roadside sellers concluded their transactions, packed up their goods into bundles, propped them on their heads and ran across the street. I have never seen such an efficient and quick response even in the new supermarket stores, which just goes to show that if we want to be good at something we can, but why is it always in the wrong direction.

This was also the day of the arrival of the BJP and Congress leaders in town and every tree, pole, building was covered with their banners. Some had both LK Advani and Sonia Gandhi's banners tied together, possible the only show of unity between the parties ever. If only our politicians could forget about politicking and focus on progress. Wishful thinking or likely future? I'm hoping on the latter.

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