Wednesday, January 11, 2006


We saw Bluffmaster last week and it was good fun. Aby baby has done a great job and looks fab as usual but the real winner was Ritesh Deshmukh, who was superb with his one-liners and comic timing. The other really, really, great thing about Bluffmaster was that the city of Bombay was almost like a character, the sights all so familiar and real, garbage, peeling paint and all, not sanitized like in a Yash Chopra movie. About the music; it was just too cool and totally different from a regular hindi movie.

PS: We saw it in the new Red Lounge at Cinemax and I tell you the theatre really makes a difference. You could see a bad movie there, but still enjoy the 'experience' of it, I guarantee you.

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Naim Peress said...

I think Abhishek is really coming into his own. The breakout films have been Yuva and Bunty aur Bubli. I think Bluffmaster follows in this line. Perhaps you'd like to check out what I thought of the film at