Saturday, November 12, 2005

Indian history-reality or fantasy?

Do Indians have a sense of history?

Read this interesting article on India Local News.

Here are some excerpts:
"My point is that Indians certainly need to re-write their history from the point of view of how our present failings as a distinctive nation,as a peace-loving people,is a bit self-deluding.We are in fact yet to come to terms with the everyday reality of the world and how the world events shape and how India as an independent nation fit into the emerging world realities."

"One important lesson for Indians is to realize that history is not a remote academic study.Nor,it has no lessons for the present living.History is ,in this all important sense,a living reailty!It is time we give our prevailing notions of great men shaping history.Great men often commit great blunders.For their blunders,people pay a heavy price.Not once.But generation after generation! Great events really dont have great causes.They just occur as everyday events."

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