Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Alexandra, The Last Tsarina

Some time back I read a book on the life of Alexandra, wife of the Tsar Nicholas Romanov, called The Last Tsarina by Carolly Erickson. Alexandra was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria, daughter of the Grand Duke of Hesse and wife of the Tsar of Russia, but not a happy person. She was beautiful and talented but was somehow always melancholy, almost as if she were waiting for tragedy to strike. And eventually it did, after a series of problems relating to her marriage, in-laws, children and religion, Alexandra was assassinated along with her family.

It just goes to show you that your life is a reflection of your hopes and dreams, along with your capacity to work towards your goals. If you are determined to be sad in life, then your life will be sad and vice versa. One of the most successful biographers of historical figures, Carolly Erickson provides the reader with depth and insight into the heart and mind of the Tsarina Alexandra, the woman widely blamed for the downfall of the Russian Empire and the end of the Romanovs.

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