Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Yay, the monsoon is finally over. No more flooded roads. Instead we have dug up roads. BMC has decided to concretize every second road in Lokhandwala. The problem is that they are digging up the good roads, the ones that were perfectly good to start with while the bad ones are still waiting to get you and your car.

The traffic has been absolutely crazy in Lokhandwala with the Durga Puja pandals and melas. A stretch of road that takes us 10 minutes to walk, took 45 minutes in the car last night. We drove to Naturals for some ice cream last night, reaching there after the closing time due to the traffic, but miraculously it was still open. As we stepped out of the car, a couple with a young boy approached my husband asking for some money, as they had not eaten all day and had no money to even go back home to Nagpur. They both had an earnest look to them, almost embarrassed to be asking strangers, so we gave them our ice cream money and returned home. We weren't sure if we actually helped by giving them money or gave them the wrong impression about people in a big city, that it pays to ask strangers for money. We hope its the former.

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