Friday, October 21, 2005


What is the defination of fame? Is it when your name appears in the front page of newspapers or on the third? Is it when you are known in your area or all around the world? My ultimate definition of fame is when your name appears as a clue on a crossword puzzle.

I had called the Kasauli Club some time back and was absolutely awed when the office staff knew who I was, and recognized me immediately as so-and-so's daughter, who lives in Bombay and before that in Bangalore. It was unexpectedly thrilling to be recognized even though it is my father he recognized and me only throught him.

I order most of my groceries over the phone from a store barely 50 meters down the road. Initially, the chap there knew where to deliver the stuff once I said the magic words "Kellogg's Wheat Flakes" (It seems we are the only ones buying them). Immediately he would butt in and say my address. Now, its come to the stage that no matter what I order, he knows where to send it.

We've usually not stayed in a place long enough to form these routines with vendors, but in a city like Bombay its the most important thing to do.

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