Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How priorities change!

My parents are in Vancouver these days and asked if I wanted anything from there. I did, and my list went like this:

  1. 9" round cake pan
  2. 2cup plastic measuring cup
  3. tension rods
  4. Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix
  5. cheesecake mix
  6. nutrigrain bars
  7. cinnamon powder

Two years ago, my list would have been drastically different, but now this is what I need. Most of these items must be available here, but I’d rather not conduct a treasure hunt on a national level to find them. So now, I want things from abroad that make living in India a bit simpler and more similar to our life there. We miss the way we lived in Providence, RI, all the little components that went into making our lives there, and love it when we are able to incorporate them in our lives here in Bombay.

It’s an odd world. When we were in the States, we wanted to take some of what we missed from India and now that we are back, we want to bring back some of our life from there. Balancing the two will be perfection.


suutje said...

hey, i just finished reading shantaram by gregory daviid roberts. Most of it is about bombay (true stories). You might like it.

Shalini said...

Yes, its next on my list of books to read about Bombay! Thanks!