Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bombay update

Ok, so there's hope for Bombay as yet. For us to start liking the city, that is. We're reaching the point, where we need to decide once and for all to love or hate the city forever. In October, it'll be 8 months since we've been here....high time to figure it out, we think.

Two things happened this past week to somewhat improve our impression of the city. The first one, was a sign I saw on an empty plot of land just down the road from us, announcing the area belonged to the Postal Department. It may not mean much to a lot of people, but to me, having a post office nearby, raises the quality of area immensely. Just the possibility of having a post office in the neighborhood, makes me see Bombay in an entirely new light. I have to admit though, that they might just be building flats for postal workers but I have to hope it will be a post office.

The second was that I finally bought Suketu Mehta's book 'Maximum City'. The book is meant to make you fall in love with the city, understand its complexities and never ever want to leave it again, especially not for Delhi. I had resisted buying this book just as I resisted having to actually like Bombay.

I didn't realize I was thinking this way, until I started reading Swati Kaushal's book 'Piece of Cake' and found myself disappointed that it was set in Delhi and not Bombay as I somehow assumed. I think the time has now come for us to give the city a chance and at least allow it to grow on us like it does on everyone else.

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