Thursday, August 25, 2005

My art of the deal!

What is it about getting a good deal that gives one extraordinary joy? I find I am addicted to finding a good bargain. The joy of the bargain can sometimes even surpass the product acquired. Simple pleasures are what life is about and this is definitely one of mine.

I find that, besides buying an interesting item, it should have an interesting past to it, enhancing its flavor. Like the desk I found at an estate sale in Bristol priced at $120 and then managed to get it free, if only I could transport it home myself, and beat any other interested parties in the meantime. I did manage to bring it home, after having removed the front door to squeeze it inside and have loved it even more for all the effort involved.

My latest bargains are a set of three handmade ceramic platters and a vase that cost me a total of only Rs 315--an incredibly small amount. I made the purchase 2 days ago but still give myself a pat on the back each time I see them displayed on the dining table…. I just can’t get myself to put them away so soon!


Laura said...

I know what you mean i totally found a new pair of flip flops with colored poka dots on em and they were only, get this 75cents.

Shalini said...

Thanks for stopping by, Laura. I love finding a great deal, it makes the product so much more interesting to have an interesting story behind it.