Friday, July 22, 2005

Summer Reading

Some of the books I have read lately.

Five Point Someone---Chetan Bhagat
Five Point Someone is an engaging book depicting the intense competition, struggle and adventures of three students at IIT Delhi. The tone is quite unlike what one would expect of an IIT-ian and therefore unexpectedly enjoyable. The title is a take on the rigid rating system that immediately labels all students on the basis of their grade point average.

The Broker---John Grisham
A thoroughly enjoyable light read. This one has the barest minimum about lawyers in the deep south of America. Instead, it is about a lawyer on the run with the world’s smartest bad guys after him. The setting is Europe and so there is quite a bit history, folklore and language thrown in the background.

The Inheritors---Aruna Chakravarti
A family saga written in great depth about the Vaidic Kulin Brahmins of Bengal, their traditions, marriages, education system and children. The narrative starts in 1996 in Germany and through an assortment of letters, memoirs and characters.

The Conquest---Yxtra Maya Murray
It is a story within a story. A rare book restorer delves into the lives of the characters of a book she is working on, evoking memories of her past and of turbulent times in Mexico after the conquest of Mexico by Cortes.

The Koh-I-noor Diamond---Iradj Amini
The story of the Koh-I-noor Diamond and its momentous passage through history.

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