Thursday, July 21, 2005

Notice board memories

It’s great to be back in the rhythm of things, sitting at my desk with laptop, surrounded by my familiar, well-loved things. The board behind my desk currently displays an artwork I made in college. It is a collage of sorts, some portions enlarged, some reduced, pasted together to make an interesting form of jagged lines, peaks and valleys, all in black and white of course. Therefore, I consider it an artwork rather than a painting.

My notice board also has a collection of photographs, of my grandparents with my sister when she was a baby, of me and my husband, and a lovely, peaceful picture of the Golden Temple taken in the 1950’s. I also have a wonderful shot of my family taken on a roller coaster ride with a Viking theme at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, the type they develop and hand you as you exit the ride.

There are two postcards of Subhodh Kerkar’s etchings depicting fishing boats, along with a portrait by Pablo Picasso. Other items on the board are business cards of our apartment complex’s Honorary Secretary a.k.a. the Resident God and the AC repair man. Two poems, Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’ and an unnamed one by Claude T. Bissell are also tacked on my board.

These are the things that ground me, the things that make each house we move into a home almost as soon as I unpack these items and place them on the desk. The notice board keeps changing and that’s what makes it fun and interesting. I take a photograph of my notice board every time I change as a keepsake as it will remind me of all the things that were going on in our lives at the moment. In fact, the photo of my college room notice board is one of my favorite photos from those years.

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