Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Connected, finally!

Ah, to finally have internet at home. Bliss, absolute bliss, I tell you. Five and a half months in Bombay and now we manage to get connected at home. How did it happen this way, that in a city like Bombay, it should take anything more than 48 hours to get connected. Its the amazing reality of Bombay. This is why international companies are wary of entering India. Rightly so!
I recently wrote an article on my song and dance with the ISP's here in Bombay and submitted it to a content development site based in Bangalore. They declined to put my article on their site as they wanted only good things written about India, ie. to show that India is indeed "shining". Oh well!
The reality of life in India is so different from what the magazines and statistics state. The simplest example is the way banks and credit card companies function. Their employees, yes, the ones who handle all our personal information, have very little technical training and absolutely no civic training at all about how to safeguard the information that passes through their hands every day.
Since coming to Bombay we have had 2 experiences of this negligence, with salesman coming to our home/office and taking our personal information for phone/internet and then just vanishing (one even had a cheque of ours which he took with him, luckily we got it cancelled in time!).
Anyhow, one battle at a time. This one took us quite a while but we did overcome it.


Anonymous said...

Come on..we are lucky if those goddamn MNC's are not ransaking the country..and media loves to play on India is "Shining" you know the actual reality of this country???..and even if you are complaining -don't !- there are many beautiful things to fall in love even in poverty..don't watch your country through those colonial should be thankful we are not homogenous and sanitised!

Shalini said...

Ah, a socialist soul, I see.

It doesn't matter if a company is Indian or an MNC, what I care about it to get good service, something that they all promise to do.

And you might be OK with living in mediocrity, but I certainly am not. If I pay for a service, I expect it to be working.

Shalini said...

And, if you have such vehement views, why hide behind the anonymous tag....if you don't have a blogspot/google id, you can always write your name in the comment itself!!