Monday, July 25, 2005

Bombay-ite to Bamboo-ite

Bombay in the monsoons becomes even more of a shantytown than before. As the rains head towards the city, restaurants, caf├ęs and cinema houses begin to construct bamboo awnings that will protect their entrances and alfresco dining areas from the rain. Well, bamboo awnings seem too posh a way to describe these contraptions, as they are more of the humble shamiana variety using plastic sheets instead of cloth. Fame Adlabs whose ticket counter is usually open to the sky has erected one of these as have a host of restaurants like Little Italy, Myst and Kailash Parbat in Lokhandwala. Inorbit Mall in Malad has even gone as far as covering half of its parking lot and making a walkway to the mall entrance for the convenience of their shoppers. Fury of the monsoons be dammed, shopping and eating must go on uninterrupted.

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