Friday, June 10, 2005

Hai Mera Dil*

We saw a very amusing play at Prithvi Theatre this past Sunday evening. It is inspired from Norman Barrasch and Carrol Moore’s “Send me no flowers” and is the longest running comedy in the history of Hindi theatre. It stars Dinesh Thakur in the lead and he is absolutely superb. The story revolves around a hypochondriac who thinks he is dying and starts making plans for his funeral and his wife’s future, specifically finding her a new husband. His wife has no idea what is going on until he pushes her into too many dates with and old college friend and arouses her suspicion. She assumes that he has something to hide. Something to hide usually means an affair to hide, and so the chaos begins. The one-liners were delicious and their timing perfect. It took a wonderfully open look at the eccentricities and intricacies of marriage. Seeing the play in Prithvi Theatre, where the audience is almost part of the stage makes the experience even more interesting.
*Oh My Heart!

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