Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Moving to Bombay

Its been absolutely ages since I logged on. My life seems to be going faster than I can keep up....always seem to be lagging behind just a little bit. Oh well!!
We moved to Bombay in February and had barely settled in when I got a job and started working. It really feels odd to be working last one was over 2 years ago and as time went I actually really, really loved being a housewife or homemaker to be politically correct. Having a job makes me have to ignore a lot of basic stuff at home and more than anything else I hate coming home to a messy, dusty place.
Working full time and looking after the home full time is the hardest thing I have ever done. Its amazing how men just disregard all the work we do. Its so easy to come home and just sit in front of the TV in such a daze that they can't figure out that we are doing work at home after working all day at the office.
The worst part is that they think its not something extra we are doing, of course we are meant to be doing all this.......what's the big deal about that?
Bombay is a tough city to live in. And even tougher to like. After all the warnings about the city we still cannot adapt to it. The traffic is absolutely chaotic, the weather just too pathetic for words, there is filth at every corner, the roads are non-existent, the stenches get you the moment you step out the car/house. We were not prepared for this city as its actually much much worse. I find that people pride themselves on having such a tough skin that they get used to all the problems of life and it disgusts me that they are willing to always live like this rather than improve the situation. They say that the best of jobs are available here but most people commute over 3 hours or so each that how they qualify the best of jobs? Is the money really worth that much. Its not like Bombay is the only city that provides jobs?
So far the only somewhat good thing about this city has been the safety the public transportation provides women. In no other city in India can a woman travel by train/bus/auto/taxi with no worry about her safety.
We've been here over 2 months now. Lets see what the next 2 brings us.


Diviya said...

Like most people, I hated Bombay when I first moved here. Bangalore seemed great - music, books, space, trees. But Bombay has its merits. There is definitely a lot of hype, but there is something about the place. And yes, I get enough time while travelling to devour a couple of books every week.

Anonymous said...

when i moved to bombay (don't u just hate"mumbai") , i hated it too. but it grew on me...though i will not admit it to anyone(ah!! the anonymity of internet!!!!) and now i really think of it as home.. i think it has something to do with the never - say- die - attitude of everyone... i hope u start liking(or have started liking) b'bay soon !!!!