Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Amazing Race

I was very dissapointed with last week's episode of The Amazing Race. It has been my favourite show for a number of years and I have noticed that each time they feature India as part of their travels, they choose the very worst parts of the country and last week's episode was no exception. They went to Lucknow and the clues were in the oddest of places, a gas agency in the slums, a nondescript tea shop etc. Only one clue, at the Bara Immambara actually had some historical significance.
Why, why, why do they want to always show India worse than it actually is? They even show countries like Peru and Botswana in a better light than us. In the last season they visited a brick making factory outside of Calcutta.......Oh my, what a place it was! In the season before that, they visited the famous rat temple which had some religious and historical significance at least. I wish they would show some of the incrediblly beautiful parts of India too.
This season the contestants spent an unsually long time in South America giving the teams that spoke Spanish quite an advantage.
What makes the race really intersting this time around is that the one couple that everyone expected to be eliminated is still in the running. Meredith and Gretchen are what make the race so amazing. I hope they beat the odds and win.
Looking forward to tonight's episode.

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