Monday, August 09, 2004


Setting up house in a new city and country is a pretty tough job, exciting but still a tough job. Before moving to Bangalore we had heard great stories about the city, about how its not like all the other cities in India, that things actually work out here....but its really not the case. Considering how much is going on here in the high-tech industries, the basic amenities of the city are dismal. After living abroad one comes to expect that the basics should not be a problem.....water, electricity, trash collection, roads, sidewalks etc but Bangalore has lots of problems on these fronts. Like everything else in India, they are controlled by politics. Central, State or way or another they are going to get you.
Why is it that when things don't work here and people make their own arrangements that it becomes the norm? Is there never going to be an improvement in the mindset of the people that ok is just not good enough? Just because one finds solutions to these problems on a individual basis, that doesn't mean that they don't exist for the government to find a long term solution for.

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