Thursday, June 14, 2007

Swapping homes for vacations

I found a superb site via Blog Catalog, which is turning out to be an interesting gathering place of bloggers in itself. The site is all about swapping homes for vacations and is called Travel the Home Exchange Way, which is completely dedicated to providing listings, advice, recommendations, reviews etc on exchanging homes for vacations. I look through travel sites all the time, but never came across this one and this is exactly the kind of stuff that I love. Hotels are fine but there's nothing quite like getting to see how real people live, experience their living style and get a better understanding of their culture. In essence, to be a traveler rather than a tourist.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shalini

Thanks for your great post about my home exchange blog - much appreciated! I look forward to answering any questions your visitors have about home exchange.

Cheers from London,

Shalini said...

Thanks for stopping by Lois! You really have a great blog!! Hope to be able to do one of these exchanges myself.

Anne said...

Hi Shalini
You have an excellent blog. You may also be interested in the blog I write in association with my own home exchange company. My company is and the blog is ExchangeHomesBlog.

Best regards

Shalini said...

Thank you Anne!

Been ill for a while but will definitely check you your blogs once I'm better better.