Monday, September 04, 2006

Innovating marketing methods

Its never been a more exciting time for companies to convey their message to the market. With the amazing amount of new ways of communicating to potential customers, its a really interesting time to be a marketer. I found a super marketing podcast on email marketing at MindComet.

In it, Nancy Carl, email marketing specialist at Armstrong World Industries, a Fortune 500 company that designs and manufactures wooden floors, cabinets and ceilings, talks about how the company is using email as a method to build awareness and eventually brand loyalty. Interestingly enough, Armstrong does not sell its products online, but uses its site and email campaign only so that customers can learn more about its products so when they visit an Armstrong store, its the final step of the experience rather than the first.

I find it absolutely fascinating to learn about these new and innovative methods of reaching customers, as both customers and marketers are becoming more intune to what the other needs.

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